November 25, 2022
We Should Know About How to Install Google TV Launcher on any Android TV In 2022

We Should Know About How to Install Google TV Launcher on any Android TV In 2022

Before the Google TV Launcher is officially released, we’ll talk about how to install it on any Android TV in this article. Considering that sideloading the apk won’t function, this can be challenging. The stock Android TV launcher, which is default, is at blame for this.

Because we’ll be using some techniques that not many users are familiar with, please read the article below carefully. You won’t likely encounter any problems, though, if you follow the instructions below.

The Google TV Launcher

The Google TV Home is the hub of your Google TV Launcher entertainment device’s operations, per the Play Store listing. Browse through tens of thousands of movies, TV series, and live TV channels from your subscriptions without switching between applications. Discover based on your viewing habits and areas of interest, recommendations for new shows to watch.

Instructions for Installing Google TV Launcher

The apk will first be sideloaded onto our Android TV after being downloaded.

  • Utilize the links above to download both apks.
  • Installing a file explorer will allow us to examine all of those files on our TV in the future (we recommend Solid Explorer)
  • The apk should then be copied to the Android TV. To do this, you can employ any technique. However, we prefer to utilise the ‘Send File to TV’ app for this. You can use any thumb drive.
  • • To disable the security that prevents you from installing or sideloading apks other than those from the Play Store, follow the steps below.
  1. Select your current home screen’s gear icon,
  2. After that, open Device Preferences by scrolling down.
  3. Go to Security & Restrictions, followed by Unknown Sources, and then
  4.  Toggle the slider in Solid Explorer’s front right corner to the right to complete the process.
  • Open Solid Explorer after returning to the home page.
  • Finding those apks after launching Solid Explorer
  •  Click on each one to install it one at a time.
  • Return to the home page now, and launch Play Store.
  • Additionally, look for Home Screen Launcher for Android TV and install it.
  •  After a successful installation, select the Home button on your remote control. The Google TV Launcher TV will then detect a new launcher named LauncherX, which is none other than instead of the Google TV launcher.
  • Once you open it, your Android TV will start up with the brand-new Google TV.

Declare Google TV Launcher to be the default launcher

The new Google TV Launcher can be used, but it will only function as a third-party launcher; you must always open the Home app. There is no method to make it the launcher that always appears on Android devices, therefore you won’t be able to do that. In order to make the new Google TV launcher the default launcher, we’ll disable the Android TV launcher that was previously set as the default.

• Log into your Android TV and select Device Preferences.

• Next, click on Build Version in the About section.

In order to enable Developer Options, tap it repeatedly.

• Go following enabling open Developer Options from the Device Preferences menu and go back.

• Turn on both Network and USB debugging at this time.

• Return to the area titled “About” and select “Status” to obtain the IP Address.

Return to your PC now, since we’re going to use ADB to connect your Android TV to it.

Establishing ADB on our Desktop or Laptop

Although the method is a little challenging, those who are already familiar with ADB will find it extremely simple.

As a result, we will first set up ADB in our system because most people these days are unfamiliar with it (desktop or laptop).

• Save “Platform-tools” on your computer (ADB and Fastboot drivers).

The downloaded file should be extracted. (Keep in mind the path; we will need it later.)

You’ll discover a folder naming system. There are files like adb.exe and fastboot.exe under the subdirectory “platform-tools.”

Open cmd in administrator mode right away.

• Make a copy of the platform-tools folder’s path after it has been extracted.

Look at the example below, and copy it and paste it in the command window with cd at the front:

cd F:UtilitiesAndroidBeryliumPlatformTools

• Click on the folder, in this example “the platform-tools,” to open it.

In the navigation bar, you can see the path.

• Lastly, enter “cmd” after typing it in the search bar.

• The identical directory’s command prompt will instantly launch.

Enter the next command right away. In order for this to work, you might need to add “:5555”

“adb connect” IP address here

To disable the built-in Android TV launcher after that, execute the following command. uninstall -user 0 in adb shell pm

Those were all. The Google TV Launcher has been successfully installed on your Android TV after all the necessary procedures were followed.

The following command should be used if you want to go back to the old launcher:

installing the package using the adb shell cmd command.

Access Google TV Launcher from any country

The launcher may not function fully if you live in a nation like India because Google TV Launcher is initially only available in the US. In such situation, the home screen’s smart recommendations and personalised cards won’t be present, along with a few minor bugs.

Therefore, to utilise the launcher effectively, we must essentially alter our location to the US via a VPN service. Bear in mind that using this arrangement, you both local and outcomes that are exclusive to the US. Here are a few suggestions from which you can choose, both free and premium VPNs are available for this.

The Windscribe VPN (Free & Paid)

Two. Proton VPN (Free & Paid) VPN (Free & Paid)

(4) Nord VPN (Paid)

Five. SurfShark VPN (Paid)

Six. Express VPN (Paid)

CyberGhost VPN (Paid)

However, you won’t need a VPN to utilise the Google TV Launcher if the newer Chromecast is available in your nation.Click here to read an article HBO Max down.

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