September 24, 2022
You Should Know About How to Fix ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error? In 2022

You Should Know About How to Fix ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error? In 2022

The ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error that appears when you attempt to access a website can be annoying. Because of SSL, this mistake happens quite frequently.

Typically, the error shows up when Google is unable to load a website using the SSL protocol. Fixing the problem, though, is not particularly difficult.

In this article, I’ll discuss a few of the several ways you can resolve the problem.

Consequently, let’s swiftly get to the point:

The ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error is what it sounds like.

Most frequently seen in the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, the ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error is rather prevalent.

An SSL-encrypted website cannot be loaded by your browser, which is all that the error message says. Since information is transmitted across TCP sockets using the SSL protocol, this is a crucial process. Your connection to the website is also secured by it.

Nevertheless, if your browser cannot connect to the SSL certificate, Your access to the website is merely denied. The SSL error is the outcome, which you see.


1. Delete All History in ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error

Your browser’s cache might be cleared as one of the first things you try. Considering that there is a significant likelihood that cached data is preventing the website from loading. The following steps can be used to clear cache:

Start Google Chrome first.

• To open the browsing history window, press CTRL + H on your computer.

• Select Clear Browsing Data in the sidebar.

• Now an It will show up in a pop-up window.

• Select all of the boxes under the advanced tab.

Click on Clear Data.

Try to view your preferred website after Google Chrome has been restarted to see if the issue hasn’t appeared.


Additionally, Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3) can be turned off. It does so because the website’s SSL is directly at odds with it. The following steps can be used to disable it:

• Open Chrome in a new window.

• Enter chrome:/flags/#tls13-variant into the URL bar of your browser. Upon clicking, the experimental features page for Google Chrome will be displayed.

Look for TLS 1.3 in the list of services that are now available.

• Select “Disabled” from the standard dropdown menu next to it.

Restart Chrome after finishing to see if the err ssl version interference error still pops up.

3. Refresh the DNS Cache in ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error

Invalid local DNS cache is another potential reason of the error. The DNS cache on your PC should be cleared, so do that. Follow these steps to do that:

Windows Terminal (Admin) can be found on the menu by pressing Windows Key + X.

• Execute the command below in the Windows terminal and hit Enter.

ipconfig /flushdns

• After allowing Windows to clean the damaged cache, you will see the Windows IP Configuration. DNS Resolver Cache message was successfully flushed.

There you go. After a restart, check to see if the SSL problem is still there.

4. Refresh Chrome in ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error

Resetting Chrome is another option. The removal of this check your current settings and make sure nothing is preventing you from accessing your preferred website.

The following procedures must be taken in order to do this:

Open Chrome first, then select settings.

• In the sidebar, choose the Advanced option.

• In the bottom part, click Reset, then clean up.

Reset Settings will then be selected.

Restart Chrome after you’re finished, then verify if the error still occurs. If so, proceed to the next fix.

5. Download Chrome again in ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error

Google Chrome can be reinstalled as a final resort if nothing else works for you. You must do this by selecting uninstall from the menu when you right-click Google Chrome in the Control Panel’s Uninstall a Program section.

Get a fresh download after uninstalling Install Google Chrome on your computer using a copy made using a different browser. the problem is still present, and if so, check that.

As a conclusion

These two techniques were used to resolve the ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error. Check if these fixes are effective for you by putting them to use right now.

Additionally, if none of the aforementioned fixes were successful for you, there is a good probability that the website you are attempting to access is the problem. Wait a while, then check to see if the website is back online. Click here to read an article Airpod case.

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