September 24, 2022
We Should Know About How To Find AirPod Case? (3 Different Methods)

We Should Know About How To Find AirPod Case? (3 Different Methods)

The two AirPods (or Pro) halves may now be kept in an AirPod case, which makes them simple to keep organised, charged, and most importantly, simple to find. Although losing an AirPod is simple, once you do, you become extra cautious. What if, though, you misplace the AirPod case instead?

That’s unfortunate because you misplaced the case that was designed to keep both of your AirPods close at hand and visible.

How should you go then? Where can I buy an AirPod case? Here are a few scenarios that can help you avoid losing your AirPod case or the case that contains your AirPods. Learn more as you read.

Where Can I Find Just AirPod Cases?

Okay, The AirPod case without any AirPods inside can be found using this method. The lost or missing AirPod case can be looked for using the “Find My iPhone” app.

If you forgot your AirPods someplace in the house (or workplace), you won’t be able to play the sound that guides you to where they are located. Here is how to locate an AirPod case exclusively, however.

Open the “Find My iPhone” app on your iPhone in step 1 to get started.

Next, look through the list of associated devices to see if you can locate “AirPods” in step two.

Step 3: Verify that the AirPods’ adjacent LED light is ” Green,” indicating that the case is close by. the earbuds A “Grey” light indicates that the battery has run out of power or that the casing is outside the range of the light. You will be unable to locate it in this situation.

Step 04: It’s quite likely that you will remember where you left your case with the AirPods. You can find the last area it was seen, so do check it out. When something is stolen, it unfortunately disappears permanently.

Where can I find an AirPod case that contains AirPods?

The situation here favours you as opposed to the last one (in most cases). The Find My iPhone app should be able to find your case with the AirPods inside if not exactly where it is, at least where it was last seen.

This is an excellent feature for people who consistently forget their pods. It is more successful to use this approach. As shown here.

Step 01: Launch the “Find My iPhone” app on your smartphone first.

If you’re a beginner, proceed to Step 02 and log in using your iCloud account. The programme will automatically log you in if you’ve used it before.

Step #3: Look through the list of accessories that are connected to your iPhone; AirPods should be there. You should be able to locate both AirPods because they are in the case; if they are taken out, you will only discover the pods. The AirPods are touched.

Step #4: A little LED light located directly below the AirPods will help you locate them. logo. It is close by if it is “green,” and until the battery runs out fully, even if it is not green, you can still roughly locate it.

Step 5: Enlarge the map to obtain a general idea of the location where you can go and get the pods that go with the case. To locate the path, click “Directions.”

To make the AirPods audible, press the “Play Sound” button in Step 0*. If it’s nearby, you’ll hear it. In any case, there is still a spot to find and a sound to buzz in order to locate the misplaced AirPods and case.

You cannot play sound if the AirPods are offline. The last option, however, is available if the battery is dead. There is just one known location, and if someone grabbed it, they might not still be there.

Where can I find an AirPod case without an iPhone?

For whatever XYZ reason, you might not be able to access your iPhone, but you can still utilise the “Find My iPhone” feature from your computer. What you ought to do is as follows.

Go to and select “Find” or type “” into the address bar.

Step 02: Enter the Apple ID. You must be able to access your account with the proper information, including the password.

Step 3: Go to “All Devices” assuming your AirPods are linked to the specified account and are wearing the case.

Step #4: Examine AirPods and confirm their most recent model number location.

More helpful than knowing nothing at all is knowing the last known location. Visit the spot and try to remember where you may have left the case now that you have an estimated last location.

If the case for the AirPods isn’t listed in the app, where can I find it?

If your case is not next to your AirPods, it could not appear on the app. If you have the AirPods, you can buzz a sound or pinpoint the location of a lost case down a few metres, which boosts your chances of discovering it (or more). Finding the perfect case, however, is challenging.

The Find My iPhone app can be used in the event that you lose both the case and the AirPods inside. able to provide a location. Even when disconnected, it continues to share its general location through Bluetooth with other gadgets that are part of the “Find My iPhone” network. You’ll be able to learn the answer nonetheless.

Last but not least, if the case is taken, it is lost forever as, as previously stated, you can find the missing AirPods but not the case by itself unless you left it somewhere in your home or workplace and the AirPods are close by.

Things to Know

If you want to embark on a search expedition for your missing or stolen AirPod case, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

If the case was stolen, you can’t pinpoint the location without an AirPod inside. For survival, it is interacting with the ecosystem of “Find My iPhone.”

The position will not be important if the pods have been matched with another case. Buzzing the case is impossible if the AirPods are inside. In addition, once they become inactive or their batteries run out, finding AirPods becomes challenging, never mind the case.

Phrase for Conclusion: Where to Find an AirPod Case

This brings to a close our post on finding an AirPod case utilising a variety of strategies in a variety of situations.

If there is anything in this article that you didn’t understand or if you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below and we would be pleased to help.

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